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February 05, 2020


Best Bean Bags in Montreal

You won’t find it at any other manufacturer! According to “Urban Expressions” from the Montreal Gazette no one in Montreal, or Canada for that matter has seen bean bag chairs quite like the ones they have at Lazy-Life Paris. It may be due to the company’s French origin and European ties, but the fact is that the bean bags they offer are simply stylish, funky, easy to clean, and even effortless to move around.

Above all, the prices are very affordable! Starting only from $69 for a Gamma cube to our most luxurious product, the plus-sized, over-comfy Novatex $353. All of our online orders are handled quickly and efficiently. Stop falling for older, less comfortable, out-dated, and less value-packed products and order one of our amazing Lazy-Life Paris poufs today! You will never regret purchasing from the home of the best bean bags in Montreal.


The stylish ottomans are very design-oriented and comfy for your feet to rest upon. But that’s not all; they work great as a comfortable stool to sit on and are suitable for children to play games on. Furthermore, their storage is highly practical with easy stacking for later use. To top it off, they don’t take up much space at all! You can gather all your ottomans and stack them in a corner to free up your living room area for your guests.

You’re Just The Right Size

Lazy-Life Paris took into consideration all ages and sizes when developing bean bags. They are enjoyable for kids to play on and make a variety of different shapes. Our durable PVC material is water-resistant and UV rays allowing your kids to play freely for hours without you having to care about damaging the product.

Check Out Our Vast Range Of Colours & Designs

According to science, every color resembles a specific mood. Our bean bags come in many different colors suitable to your specific needs and the different moods you desire to achieve in your lovely home. Whether its soft colors, attractive colors, or just colors that complement your furniture and overall theme of living.

Best known fabrics and materials

All bean bags from Lazy-Life Paris have a unique cover material. The products they offer are made for people of all ages since they can be easily cleaned unlike regular couches and chairs that are bound to need professional cleaning at some point in time. Made up of a rich interior with 100% recyclable polystyrene beads to last long and take your shape easily, even by a lightweight person or toddler.