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May 14, 2020


Decorate Your Home With Poufs: High-class Comfort And Chic Design!

Mix and match your poufs to achieve a fresh look and a comfortable environment in your home, whether you live in a condo or a house. Our famous Lazy-Life Paris poufs are great for all types and sizes of homes. They are ideal for use in a reading corner for your living room, in front of your TV, or even in the bedroom. Choose a specific design that will complement the design of your room. We have numerous styles, colors and shades to aid your choice in finding the right combination for your current room layout.

Finding The Best Bean Bag Features For You

Our poufs and bean bags come in many sizes and features, starting from small sized cube ottomans to large sized poufs. Be sure to find the most suitable characteristics for your availability of space at home. Figure out into which room your bean bags will be introduced and how many it can take. Then, measure how much space is available and shop according to your space.

Don’t Forget The Texture And Fabric

Our Lazy-Life Paris poufs are available in many high-end fabrics and textures to complement your unique taste and preference of luxury.

For example, if you are a couple living together, it would be more suitable for you to buy a couple of “Vero” poufs or a “Georges”; while if you are single guy living alone, you could go for our iconic XL, 100% polyester-made pouf.

Make The Most Out of Your Pouf Location

Make sure you place your bean bag in a location where it can be used the most, like in front of your TV or your kids’ gaming station. Placing a larger sized pouf in a bedroom is also a good idea as it is possible to use as an extra few spots for other kids to crash on during sleep overs. If you have insisted on purchasing many of our wonderful bean bags, just make sure you still have enough room when walking around the house to avoid any accidents.

Facts About Poufs/Bean Bags
  • Bean bags and poufs are used in rehabilitation of children who have hip dysplasia or/and are in a body cast.
  • Bean bag chairs are great seats that aid patients in relaxing after any type of stressful event.
  • Pouf chairs consist of an ergonomic design that can be adjusted with added firmness to prevent back pain and support the spine.
  • The poufs are light enough to be carried around between rooms easily without causing injury.
  • Bean bags also create perfect usage in hospitals and learning centers due to their ability to be cleaned and stored efficiently.