March 10, 2020

 Spring: trends and patterns

With spring around the corner, many of the eye-catching colors and patterns spotted on high fashion runways are also starting to be in vogue in current interior design trends. As bold colors and patterns are vital to the philosophy of Lazy Life Paris, we look into some of the hottest runway trends that are channeled into our own pieces:

Patchwork dreams 

Many outfits on the runway were seen with stripes or blocks of different colors to showcase a “layered-on” look while others were spotted with patchwork pieces and deliberately visible stitched-on seams. This patchwork effect engenders a warm cozy feel that’s also retro and reminiscent of sixties’ fashion. Among some of our most popular patchwork pieces are Patches and Georges.

Whimsical appeal 

Free-flowing, lightweight, and fairy-like, this trend channels the inner bohemian. You'll find a recurrence of soft pastel colors and flowery feminine prints that evoke a fresh aquatic feel and incorporate colors from the blue and green families.  

Prim and proper with Gridlock and Hounds Tooth -

Gridlock, checkered, houndstooth you name it, it's everywhere! While tablecloth patterns as we call it or anything closely resembling it has been popular for the past few years, we're noticing a resurgence that's here to stay.  The most common color combination spotted on the runway are red and white as well as black in white, as seen in patterns of our own pieces such as the TamTam and Pyramid.

Fire in your Color -

Splashes of yellows and oranges are emerging as a refreshing break from monotonous color palettes. Contrary to what many may think, yellows and oranges can be extremely versatile and can easily be incorporated into a living space as much as an outfit. Be it a fiery canary yellow, a mellow orange, or a fresh yellow-green, the yellow-orange family adds the right dose of warmth and livelihood in time for the beginning of a new season.