Become an Affiliate

We at Norka Living are a company that aims to revolutionize contemporary furniture by bringing to life the concept of structure free seating. We have completely changed the notion of beanbag chairs and have created a new way of living and you can be a part of this movement.

1. What is an affiliate program?

It is a simple way to drive traffic from your online community to our website in order to generate sales and earn a commission base payout. Affiliate’s place a retailer’s ad, text link or product link on their blog, website or include them in email campaigns as a way to earn sales commission from that retailer.

2. Who can be a Norka Living Affiliate?

Anyone who has a blog or a website! Once we’ve reviewed your site, you’ll receive an automatic email regarding your approval status. Upon approval, you’ll have your own Affiliate Management account, where you can create links to the home page or to any product page. When someone clicks the link from your site and buys something from, we’ll send you a commission. It’s that simple! Due to our delivery constraints to Canadian provinces only, we would like affiliate partners from Canada only for the time being.

3. Affiliate Benefits

  •  It’s free to join
  •  Earn 12% commission for every sale you refer to
  •  Cookie return date: 30 days
  •  You refer; we deal with packaging, shipping and customer service.

4. How to become an affiliate?

It's simple, fast and profitable, call us at 1-855-469-7683 or email us - and we will be happy to assist you!